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Pledge to Murphysboro Businesses

Dear Murphysboro Business Owner:

Please be aware, the Blue Devils Athletic Department is not affiliated with, nor in partnership with, any non-local groups that may be trying to solicit advertisement on behalf of the sports teams in Murphysboro.

As a resident of Murphysboro, it is a top priority for me to respect and support the Murphysboro Businesses.  As long as I am the athletic director at MMS, It will be important for me to spend money in Murphysboro.  In addition, I will not authorize “outside” companies to use our name, logo, teams, or schedules, for fundraising purposes.

Should you or your business be contacted by anyone representing the MMS Athletic Department, please feel free to give me a call to check for legitimacy.  You can call my office (684-3041), or send me an email (  I will do my best to be prompt with a reply! 


Jon Marston
Murphysboro Middle School
Athletic Director

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